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Exercise Program Progress Check

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Increasing Energy for Wornout College Students

You are so close to being done with school! While the end of the year gets you excited, you may be wondering why you are dead tired all the time. College can be tough. With exams, studying, and late nights on the weekends it is no wonder you don’t have any energy. But could there be more to your tiredness than just a lack of sleep?

Do you constantly feel worn out or tired? Lack of sleep may not be the culprit.

Why am I Tired?

Did you know that being low in iron,  low in sugar or having a thyroid problem can actually make you feel extremely exhausted on a daily basis? But you would never be able to identify the route issue unless you had your blood tested.

Blood Tests

When you have your blood tested, you can actually have multiple tests run. Tests can very from checking cholesterol all the way to in-depth cancer screening.

Unfortunately many college students never take the time to have their blood tested and chalk up their lack of energy to the pressures of college life. Having blood work done will reveal the root problem in your body. Once you know the exact cause, then you are better prepared to combat the problem.

The Potential Problem

There could be any number of reasons why you are constantly feeling crummy. But there are a few common energy-zappers, and luckily they have solutions to go with them!


Having an iron deficiency is one of the most common forms of anemia. Anemia can occur when your body is not absorbing enough iron. Iron is essential to your hemoglobin and with out it your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, causing the severe exhaustion. The solution, eat more red meats and add an iron supplement to your diet.

Low Blood Sugar

When your blood sugars are low you can become hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia occurs when the sugars in your blood drop. The symptoms can include extreme fatigue and even dizziness. Once you become aware that you have hypoglycemia you can combat it by using a glucose monitor and also by changing your diet.

Thyroid Disorder

Your thyroid is located below your Adam’s apple. Because the thyroid produces hormones that effect your energy levels, a person suffering from a thyroid disorder will almost always feel extremely fatigued. There are several solutions for dealing with a thyroid disorder and after a proper diagnosis a doctor will set up a solution plan with you.

What ever the source may be, the next time you are feeling weak and weary don’t just blame it on the stresses of life. Do your research and find a blood testing lab in your area. In Fact, find one that also provides a health screening so you can evaluate your overall health.

Finding the solution to your exhaustion will help you lead the active healthy life you were intended to live!