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Unplanned Pregnancy Resources in Lawrence, KS

We’re excited to be moving into Lawrence, KS, land of the Jayhawks! Part of what attracted us to this great little town just a few miles west of Kansas City was the great student population coming from the University of Kansas. We cannot wait to meet students and help them stay healthy and well. We’re here to provide answers for some of the most pressing health concerns college students face.

Speaking of issues college students face, we couldn’t help but notice this story hitting major headlines last week about a university in Pennsylvania selling the Plan B pill through vending machines. It reminded us of the issues students at college face, and some of their biggest health concerns.


Worried you could be pregnant? Get tested to find out for sure.

What is the Plan B Pill and the Hype About?

The Plan B pill is designed to prevent contraception after intercourse. This pill has been widely used by individuals who either neglected to practice safe sex or those not confident in their pregnancy prevention steps. This pill has also been used by victims of sexual assault. The Associated Press reports that, “Taking Plan B within 72 hours of rape, condom failure or just forgetting regular contraception can cut the chances of pregnancy by up to 89 percent. It works best if taken within 24 hours.” There is much controversy surrounding the pill, and the way that it’s used and being sold. And while we aren’t here to offer commentary on this pill, we are here to serve as a resource for any KU student who might be in a crisis pregnancy situation.

KU Students and Unplanned Pregnancy

This story makes us remember that cases of unplanned pregnancies are not uncommon on college campuses, even KU. Students seeking help in Lawrence have options. If you’re concerned you might be pregnant and not sure what to do, here are some local Lawrence, KS resources for you:

[ARCpoint Labs of Lawrence] Need a pregnancy test but don’t want the whole world to know? Slip in to our walk-in laboratory in Lawrence, KS for a completely confidential pregnancy test. You won’t have to worry about being seen as you walk into a “free clinic” to find out results. We provide reliable pregnancy testing services and quick results. Our pregnancy services can even tell you how far along you are in pregnancy if you indeed test positive.

ARCpoint Labs can also perform paternity testing if you’re unsure about the baby’s father.

[Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence] If results are positive and you’re in a crisis pregnancy, this group can help.

[Birthright International] This group can also help you understand your options if you’re in a crisis pregnancy.

There are other organizations in the Kansas City area that can also help you in your situation. Contact us for more details.