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KU Student Health Guide

Welcome to Lawrence, KU students! If you’re a freshman, welcome to this great city we call home! If you’re a returning undergraduate or graduate – we’re glad to have you back! We hope everyone had a safe summer and are ready for another year of classes at KU!


Welcome back students!

To welcome you back, we wanted to give you a handy guide for resources around town when it comes to your health.

Student Health Guide: Phone Numbers for Lawrence, KS

Emergency help | 911

Apartment fire or need medical help that’s NON-EMERGENCY | (785) 843-0250

CrimeStoppers (anonymous tips if you know of a crime) | (785) 864-8888

Need to speak with a nurse at midnight? | (785) 864-9583 (24/7 Student Health Services NurseLine)

Afraid you’re pregnant? | (785) 542-6533 (ARCpoint Labs can run the test; no insurance needed.)

Need a physical? | (785) 864-9500 | (KU Student Health Services)

Need a confidential STD test? | (785) 542-6533 (ARCpoint Labs can run the test; no insurance needed.)

No insurance? No problem.

If you’re a student at KU and are needing several lab tests run, we can do that for you, even if you don’t have insurance. We realize not all students can afford health insurance, yet sometimes you still need medical tests. Our Lawrence location offers students the chance to get a wellness test or drug test without any insurance required. Plus, everything is confidential. Nobody has to see you come in, and you get quick results in no time.

Consider coming to ARCpoint Labs of Lawrence if you:

  • Are worried you might be pregnant.
  • Feel sick and want your blood work run.
  • Are concerned you might have an STD.
  • Are suspicious you’ve been given the “date rape” drug.
  • Need a prenatal DNA test to determine the father of your unborn baby.
  • Get an rH titer test (if you’re pregnant.)
  • Get a drug test (to see if you’ll pass or if you’re getting a new job.)
  • Need a vaccination to travel abroad (or to check to see if you’re still on schedule.)
  • Think you’re allergic to the Midwest air! 

Call us at (785) 542-6533 or walk in for an appointment | 600 Lawrence Ave  Lawrence, KS 66049

Have a great school year everyone!









Prenatal DNA: You have options

It’s not exactly the most comforting feeling to know that you need a paternity test, and especially while you’re still pregnant. However cases do arise when pregnant women must find out the paternity of their unborn child. Whether a woman had multiple sexual partners surrounding conception, or was victim of an attack, the need for prenatal DNA tests continues to rise.


You don’t have to put yourself and your baby at risk for a DNA test.

Non-invasive prenatal tests now available

In the past, there have been limited options for those needing a prenatal test. Many put the safety of the baby and mother at risk or are downright uncomfortable. However new options are now available for those wanting to forego traditional methods of prenatal DNA testing. Non-invasive tests have recently become available and are offered at a few locations around the country. ARCpoint Labs in Kansas City, and ARCpoint Labs in Lawrence, KS are two locations offering this revolutionary test.

Your options for DNA testing your baby

Before you make your decision on a paternity test for your child, make sure to do your research and know what’s out there. Here are your options for running a DNA test on your baby:

  1. Non-Invasive Pre-Birth Testing. This method is performed via a blood sample. Small traces of the baby’s DNA are found in the mother’s blood stream. This new testing opportunity is revolutionary and only offered at certain locations around the country.
  2. Amniocentesis or DNA testing on placenta. These options are the traditional prenatal testing methods and come with high risks. It’s advised to avoid them if possible, especially if your obstetrician has not recommended or approved of them.
  3. Umbilical cord testing. There are kits on the market that can help you collect blood from the umbilical cord during birth. You’d have to wait until you’re giving birth to collect the child’s blood sample and run a DNA test this way.
  4. Traditional paternity test. Last, if you CAN wait until your child is born, a standard paternity test requiring only a cheek swab is available. Ideally both the mother and alleged father will appear for the test, although there are options if the father is unavailable for testing.

We know it’s a lot to consider if you’re searching for DNA tests for your unborn child. Make sure to do your research and understand your risks to protect both your health and the health of your child. You now have options that come with much lesser consequences and risks. And as a mother, that’s your top priority.