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ARCpoint Lees Summit | How to Stay Healthy Over Winter Break

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How to Stay Healthy Over Winter Break

Winter break definitely has its perks — no homework, no tests to study for, the freedom to binge-watch television and sleep in guilt-free — but it also has its drawbacks. In addition to the winter break blues, over your month-long break from school you might notice a change in your diet and exercise.

Although relaxation and a little indulgence can be a part of your winter break, at the same time it’s important to know how to stay healthy so that you can continue these good habits when you head back to class.

How to Stay Healthy Over Your Winter Break

Keep Up the Exercise

Wondering how to stay healthy as your winter break wears on? Keeping fit with exercise is a key part of the process, but it might be easier said than done. The gym on campus or in your apartment complex is so convenient to use — and since it’s a part of your tuition and fees or your apartment rental total, the gym is definitely a place you should visit often while at school. On winter break, you don’t have the same easy access to these top-of-the-line fitness facilities, making it hard to keep up with your exercise regimen.

This just means that you need to be a little creative. When you’re focused on how to stay healthy over winter break, you can move your exercise outside by jogging around your old neighborhood during more temperate winter weather. If bitter cold forces you to stay in, try some workout DVDs or indoor cardio, like walking or jogging in place, running up and down stairs, or doing jumping jacks.

Watch What (and When) You EatARCpoint Lees Summit | How to Stay Healthy Over Winter Break2.jpg

Yes, winter break often means that you avoid the less-than-healthy options at the dining hall — and with your parents often feeding you, subsistence won’t hinge on a college budget that only yields cheap pizza and mac ‘n cheese. But if how to stay healthy is your chief concern, you also need to watch your eating habits and nutrition over winter break. Being home means home cooking, and not just on the holidays. You might eat an extra helping of your favorite dish, reasoning that you won’t get to eat it when back at college. And fuller cupboards at your parents’ place might lead you to snack too much or at odd times throughout the day. You need to monitor your diet over winter break, watching what you eat and when you eat it.

Make Yourself a Schedule

Part of the fun of winter break is the lack of structure — but at the same time, not having any sort of schedule can throw your body out of sorts. For this reason, you should create a schedule to follow over winter break. It doesn’t have to be a rigid one with a 6 AM wake-up call, but you can still plan your times to eat, exercise, relax, spend time with friends and family, and most importantly, sleep. Getting enough sleep is key on your quest to stay healthy over winter break.

More Help With How to Stay Healthy

If you need more wellness tips for winter break and beyond, ARCpoint Labs of Lee’s Summit can help. See more of our healthy living guidelines here, or learn more about your individual wellness through a personal health profile from ARCpoint of Lee’s Summit.

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Ace those College Exams: Staying Healthy During Test Time

When you are preparing for your college exams, good nutrition often slides way down on the priority list. It is easy to get into the habit of glugging coffee and gobbling take-out pizza because you don’t want to waste time on food preparation. This habit is common, but good nutrition should be part of your study plan — it’s going to help you ace those tests. The better the fuel your brain gets, the better you’ll study. It’s a…well… exam studying

Healthy nutrition is a mix of right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Cardio workouts are the other necessary element for a healthy body. You can’t forget nutrition or physical activity during your final exam preparation. The stress of college exams can do major harm to our bodies. Be aware of your body and health — testing can help you identify any health issues you’re concerned you may have. Continue reading

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Fall TV Lineup: Get Off the Couch!

With the rainy season just around the corner and the general easy access to TV, turning into a couch potato isn’t always that hard to resist. Almost everyone also has a favorite TV show and with the summer hiatus finally over for most of them, fall TV is making a comeback. We also see the return of our inability to leave the comfort of the living room to visit the gym.

Fall TV: Returning shows and newcomers

Most of the sitcoms and reality shows we love took a break for the summer. New seasons are premiering almost every day of the week this month.  Most major television networks have a little something for everyone. some big name returning shows are Bones, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Glee. The newcomers include Betrayal, The Crazy Ones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Dads. There is a show for any interest.

Before you pick up the remote and tune into the season premier of your new favorite series, think about how you’re spending your time. We have tips for staying active and preventing the couch potato fate.

fall tv exercise

Get off the couch

It is time to get up and get active before you make the couch your primary residence. You can stay fit and active this fall and winter. You don’t need a gym for it — the only things you need are a bit of space and willpower.

You could hop on the treadmill during your weekly show or do simple workouts during the commercials. You’ll still get to enjoy the show, but you’ll feel energized when the show is over.

Fall TV: Stay moving this season

Whatever you choose to do, be sure that the new fall TV shows don’t dominate your time. You can quickly slip into an inactive slump. Give your TV show routine an upgrade by adding exercise routines to your show. How do you work on your fitness while watching your favorite shows? Let us know in a comment! Interested in wellness testing? Visit ARCpoint Labs of Lawrence for convenient testing services.

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Dorm days – starting an exercise program for the school year

No one ever said college would be easy. You spend hours every week in the classroom and twice as many hours keeping up with the homework. A majority of college students carry part-time jobs or stay active in several organizations.

The stress alone can affect your well-being. However, a lack of time should never be the reason you neglect your personal health. In fact, exercise and overall fitness can actually bring you energy and focus, lift your spirits, and possibly even have a direct impact on your academic success.

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Kick the Freshman 15 this Summer

We all know about the infamous freshman fifteen. If you’re a senior in high school, it seems like a distant and unlikely horror story. If you’re coming home from your first year at school, though, you know that it is real.

The freshman fifteen doesn’t hit everyone, but it is a pretty common phenomenon. Whether you gained 5 pounds or 15, we’ll give you some tips for shedding that extra weight. To learn how to fight it, let’s first look at how the weight creeps in.

How the weight adds up

college cafeteria food

1. Sleep Pattern Changes – Life at college has a completely different schedule. There are usually major shifts in the way you sleep. You may go to bed late, sleep late and take naps throughout the day. The new environment can affect the quality of your sleep, too. Your body reacts to these changes by altering your appetite-related hormones. You may eat more and more without feeling satisfied.

2. Alcohol – Calories like to hide in alcoholic drinks. You probably don’t realize the amount of  calories in that bottled mixed drink, but you definitely aren’t worried about the calories after four bottles. Drinking can cause your body to decrease fat burning hormones and increase in fat storage hormones.

3. Stress – Your first year at college is full of changes. You have to adjust to new friends, new surroundings, a different learning environment and more work. Your body isn’t oblivious to these drastic changes. It responds by releasing stress hormones that bring weight gain.

4. Poor Diet – One of those major changes is the shift from home-cooked meals to the cafeteria and fast food. Most college students struggle to get solid nutrition. They’re facing scrambled schedules with little time or resources to prepare healthy food and limited money to spend. This often brings on unhealthy food choices.

How to shed the extra weight

Make exercise a habit

You could exercise all summer and lose weight. But, if you don’t make exercise a habit when you get back to school in the fall, you may see the weight return. So, take this summer as a chance to find exercise that will fit in your life. If you hate running, don’t force it. If you have fun playing tennis, set up regular tennis dates with your family and friends. Think about where you’ll play when you return to school and who will play with you.

Start a solid sleep routine

No, we don’t want you to sleep every night from 3 am to 1pm. But, we do want you to be consistent. This summer, try to form a predictable sleep routine. Maybe you’ll start having time set aside before bed to relax with a cup of tea or yoga. We know this isn’t going to happen every night when you’re at school, but we do know that forming the habit now will make your rest better.

As you focus on your health this summer, you may have more time to check any health concerns you may have noticed during the busy school year. ARCpoint Labs offers wellness screenings to help you learn about your health and start developing habits for the rest of your time at school.


Take Advantage of Your Rec Center

It’s that time of year where school is going to pick up.  Classes will get more difficult.  Studying will get harder.  Motivation will dwindle, and sleep will diminish.  The stresses of college are evident, but there is a place where students can get away classes and relieve themselves of stress.  That place is the recreation center.

ASRFC on the KU Campus

The Ambler Student Recreation and Fitness Center offers KU students a multitude of ways to stay active, get their daily exercise, and socialize.  Some services to take advantage of are:


Intramurals.  Not all of us can be stars at football or volleyball, and at KU, being a basketball star is probably out of the question (unless you’re actually on the team.) With sports like 3-on-3 basketball, flag football, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, intramurals are a great way to hang out with friends, practice teamwork, and compete with peers.  Don’t miss out on your sport though. Put your team together and make sure you register on time for your sport.

Personal Training.  There are a number of packages students for students who wish to train with a personal trainer.  By focusing on you, a personal trainer will motivate you and help you set those short term and long term fitness goals.  Whatever you want to accomplish, a personal trainer will help you get there with a little guidance.

Fitness Classes.  Through the rec center, the university offers you a variety of classes designed to help you get in shape.  These classes include Total Fitness Boxing, Cycling, Weight Loss Training, and more.

Get to the Rec

Whether your thing is cycling, running, weight training, or just going to support your friends through their workout, the recreation center is a place for everyone.  You’ve just got to be motivated to get there.  If it helps, exercise is shown to reduce stress and improve sleep.

So go!

Are you making Progress?

We get it – our culture wants to see RESULTS! If you’re just now starting a workout regimen (or joining that intramural team) – come by ARCpoint Labs in Lawrence for a “before” test. We’ll run some labs on you as a “before” and then can do follow-up testing as you get into your new routine. In addition to your energy levels and seeing how your clothes fit, it’s a great way to determine if all of that hard work is WORKING!