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Packing Lists to Flu Shots: Complete Travel Checklist

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Preparing for travel can be daunting. You’ve got to get make travel arrangements, find the right place to stay, and get the details in order.

If your travels take you overseas, your travel checklist gets a little longer. Your packing list is expanded — you may need travel plug adapters, clothes for different weather, or an international cell phone. On top of the extra items on your packing list, you’ll have a few tasks to prepare you for traveling abroad. You may need a flu shot, money card, visa and travel insurance, depending on where your travels take you.

student travel checklist

Since your preparations are so important for helping you get to your destination, we’ve put together a travel checklist. This checklist should help you make sure you don’t forget anything major. Check it out before you travel so you can have an amazing experience while you travel!

Complete Travel Checklist

Travel Documents

You might need several documents for traveling abroad. Make sure you have all flight information. If you need a passport or visa, you may need to get to work a few months before you travel.

Share the Details

Your family and friends should know your travel plans. Leave them a copy of your itinerary and passport data page. Make sure they know how to contact you, whether that’s email or by using an international cell phone.

Check Insurance

You may want to check on your medical insurance coverage before you go overseas. Some travelers wish to purchase travel insurance.

Health Check

Depending on your destination, your travel checklist should include a flu shot. Check out to see why its important to get a flu shot before international travel. You can find affordable and convenient flu shots at ARCpoint Labs.

Money, Money, Money

There are lots of things to consider in the way of finances. You’ll want to budget your trip so you know when to splurge and when to cut back. Always check with your bank before you travel — they can tell you if your debit cards will work, and prepare for you to be spending money in another location. Having money available in a few different forms is the best option.


Author: Tim Rebori

ARCpointLabsKC is committed to helping Kansas City live healthy and find answers.

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