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Make it Your Best Thanksgiving Break Yet

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Thanksgiving break comes at the right time for college students. The fall semester has been dragging on and winter break still seems ages away. So, we get to count down to Thanksgiving student fall thanksgiving break

We all know that Thanksgiving break is the first of a string of holiday meals, parties and wintry snacks. It is hard to survive a Thanksgiving break without feeling a little regret for the calories consumed.

Don’t Fret Over Thanksgiving Break!

Even though you’re sure to indulge a little this coming break, it doesn’t mean you can’t make smart, healthy choices.

Want to come back to campus feeling accomplished and refreshed? Follow these steps for having a healthy and productive break.

Make a Plan

Make your break plans well in advance, so you aren’t stressed. If you can’t make it home to celebrate with family, ask friends what they’re doing. Friends may invite you to their family dinner or you could plan a gathering on your own.

Get Work Done Before Break

Nothing will dampen your break faster than stress. Try to leave the stress behind by making a to-do list and crossing off every item before you leave campus. Think about your papers, studying and assignments. Make a packing and cleaning list to make sure you’re prepared to leave your room for a few days.

Think Healthy

The best way to prepare yourself for a successful break is to focus on healthy decisions. If you head into the break ready to eat in moderation, stay active and prioritize time with friends and family, you’re more likely to stick to your guns.

Make Appointments

Depending on how many days you get off, your Thanksgiving break might be perfect for a few health-related appointments. Maybe you can squeeze a trip to the dentist or get allergy testing to see why you can’t stop sneezing.

Focus on Relationships

No matter where you spend your Thanksgiving break, the best part of the time off is the time spent with loved ones. Don’t let the break go to waste — enjoy the meal with your family, take a walk with a friend, start a pick-up game of basketball, or call a relative you won’t be able to see. You’ll head back to class feeling refreshed after time spent with the ones you’ve been missing.


Author: Tim Rebori

ARCpointLabsKC is committed to helping Kansas City live healthy and find answers.

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