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Vaccines and Testing: Why You Need Both

We normally think that vaccines are for kids. This is true; Kids must go in for immunizations regularly. However, there are important vaccines for people of all ages.

College students, you are no exception! As you age, your immunity to certan diseases wears off. You also are at risk for different diseases.

When you’re thinking about preventing diseases with vaccines, you should also be thinking about your current health. How is your thyroid functioning? Do you have any undetected STDs? Are you allergic to anything? Now is the time to check.

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Healthy Dorm Eating

New college. New friends. New freedoms. New dorm. New foods. Moving away from home is a fun an exciting time, but it’s easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits. Be ready for all the temptations that will come your way, with one of them being at the dining halls. By stocking healthy foods in your dorm room and making good choices at dining halls, you’ll be able to keep off the freshman 15 and feel your best all year.

college student eating healthy Eat a Good Breakfast

Dining halls will have anything from pancakes to bacon to donuts to waffles. Stay away! Keep small packages of granola and mini milk cartons in your room for a quick but healthy breakfast. If you do want to leave your room for breakfast, choose the omelet bar and add extra veggies or a whole-wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese. It’s easy to oversleep and want to skip it, but that first meal is your fuel to start the day and will keep your metabolism going.

Stock Your Mini Fridge

Keep fresh fruits and vegetables in your mini fridge instead of ready-made meals. Wheat crackers and hummus is a good alternative to chips and dip, and yogurt makes for a healthy afternoon snack. Avoid filling your fridge with overly-processed foods and ice cream.

Avoid Dining Hall Traps

If you can name it, the nearest dining hall will probably have it. A good rule of thumb is to not grab more than you can carry with two hands. One well-portioned plate and a glass of water is usually plenty to eat! Salad bars are typically a good choice, but go easy on the croutons, shredded cheese and dressing. While the ice cream and cookies may seem like a good idea at the time, eating just 100 extra calories per day can pack on 10 pounds per year!

Healthy eating and regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy and keep off the freshman 15. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re eating throughout the day, so keep a food diary if necessary. There are plenty of healthy options to keep in your dorm room or eat at the dining hall—you just have to find them!

As you start school and focus on your health, listen to your body and check on any health concerns. ARCpoint Labs offers wellness screenings to help you learn about your health and start developing habits for the rest of your time at school.