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The American Diabetes Association Is There For You

As we continue American Diabetes Month, we want to make you aware of the great resource diabetes patients have at their disposal, the American Diabetes Association.

History of ADA

American-Diabetes-MonthThe ADA was founded in 1940 as an exclusive group for physicians to share knowledge of diabetes cases and ongoing research.  Through the next few decades it became known for funding diabetes research, encouraging insurance companies to cover diabetes and fighting for equal opportunities for people suffering from the disease.

What ADA Does Now

ADA is a huge resource for people who suffer from diabetes.  It offers people numerous ways to prevent and treat the disease.  It also gives food recipes, health facts and exercise tips to those wishing to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Looking to volunteer?  ADA gives people a chance to dedicate their time to raising diabetes awareness and attending programs in various cities all over the United States.  Perhaps you would like to donate instead.  ADA not only allows you to make a donation to diabetes research, but if the fight is more personal to you because of a loved one or someone you’ve lost, there are more personal donation options for those as well.

News & Research

In the News & Research section of their website, ADA gives the most up-to-date feed of diabetes news, along with milestones in past research, diabetes statistics and online access to the Diabetes Forecast magazine.

Take Advantage of Diabetes Help

The American Diabetes Association is there for you.  You can  visit the American Diabetes Facebook page to connect with ADA.  Keep yourself educated as to the symptoms, how to treat the disease, and how to prevent it.

Do you have Diabetes?

If you’re concerned or questioning if you have diabetes, ARCpoint Labs can run lab tests that check for diabetes for under $50. This is an advantageous option for those who face high deductibles, co-pays or do not have insurance. If you’re in Kansas City and need a diabetes test (a hemoglobin A1c), please contact any of our three Kansas City locations by calling (816) 875-0464.


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Why is Diabetes On The Rise?

Main-symptoms-of-diabetesIf you read our last post about American Diabetes Month, you may be asking yourself why diabetes is on the rise in America and how you can prevent it.

More Diabetes

New studies are showing a 23% jump in youth with diabetes.  Doctors are still searching for answers that explain the development of type 1 diabetes in youth, formally known as juvenile diabetes.

Even amidst many studies and hypotheses, researchers don’t have exact answers as to why the autoimmune disorder continues to develop in children. Although family history can play a factor in diabetes (often type 2), it’s not significantly linked to type 1 occurrence. Some suggest a lack of bacteria, others say it’s rapid weight gain – but in the end, clear answers are not there. Parents of children with type 1 diabetes are at a loss and doctors are regretfully not able to give them the answers they’re looking for yet.

Diabetes Prevention and Protection

Although there are not any clear-cut answers as to why diabetes is occurring more in children, we do know that those facing type 2 diabetes are often experiencing it because of a lack of exercise and increased weight gain. Type 1 diabetes is not exactly preventable – at least not until research determines what is causing this epidemic in children. Type 2 diabetes may be preventable with a healthy lifestyle and proactive steps toward health and wellness.

If diabetes runs in your family, you might be at risk. Also, if you are overweight or experiencing thirst, frequent urination, numbness in your hands and feet … you might consider being screened. Diabetic screening offered in our local ARCpoint Labs Lawrence, KS location can let you know if your blood glucose levels are normal, pre-diabetic or diabetic. Diabetic screening could save your life. Call us at (785) 542-6533 with any questions or for more information.