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College Students Abusing Prescription Drugs

A new study has found that abuse of prescription drugs in college students is linked to depression and suicidal thoughts, and we have a feeling the KU campus is not exempt. Researchers reviewed data from the 2008 American College Health Association National College Assessment survey given to more than 26,000 college students at 40 campuses. Students were asked about their non-medical use of prescription drugs (like painkillers, stimulants, etc.) over the past year. The study found,

“As part of the survey, the students were asked about their non-medical use of prescription drugs such as painkillers, stimulants, sedatives and antidepressants, and about their mental health symptoms over the past year.”

“About 13 percent of the college students reported non-medical use of prescription drugs. Those who said they had felt hopeless, sad, depressed or had considered suicide were much more likely to abuse prescription drugs.”


The study shows that painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin are the biggest perpetrators that contribute to depression and suicidal thoughts in college students.

Source: US News… Continue Reading about College Kids Prescription Drug Abuse

Preventing prescription drug abuse among college students

Nobody wants to even think about their child … or their friend … abusing prescription drugs. It’s not only dangerous – it’s often deadly. Just look at celebrities who’ve struggled with drugs – including prescription pills. It’s important to do what you can to prevent prescription drug abuse, and encourage your friends to take the following steps to prevent prescription drug abuse (according to Mayo Clinic)

1.  Make sure you’re getting the right medication and know exactly what the drug is going to do.  Make sure your doctor understands your problem and prescribes a drug that will help you.

2.  Use the medication as directed.  Don’t increase your dosage before talking to your doctor.

3.  DO NOT use drugs that have been prescribed to another person.  Different people have different issues, require different doses, and the drugs prescribed to them are not meant to help anyone but them.

These three steps may seem obvious but when you’re tempted with prescription medications, come back to them and remember to take medications as directed. Veering off the path prescribed by your doctor must be avoided at all costs. Prescription drugs are nothing to mess around with.

Concerned a college student you know has a prescription drug addiction?

Have them drug tested for specific prescription medications today.


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Don’t Sit on The Syph…

Warning – you might think this is gross for a second, but hang in there with me. It’s really important.

We’ve talked about STDs before and their prevalence, especially among campuses such as KU. You must be on guard when it comes to preventing and treating STDs. Nobody likes the thought of getting one. And all of us really dread getting STD tested and then treating one. However the worse thing of all – not treating one and causing many problems for you and anyone you slept with later down the road.


KU students need to be on guard for STDs

While no STD is pleasant, we wanted to inform you about syphilis today. It’s not as prevalent as chlamydia or gonorrhea, which are as common as Justin Bieber fans in a middle school. However “syph” is just as problematic, if not more, and carries some big implications if not treated.

About Syphilis

Syphilis is actually more common in young adults than teens. Anyone in their early 20s up through age 40 is more prone to get syphilis. Like all other STDs, it’s transmitted through sexual activity. You can’t get it from touching the same objects or kissing. Syphilis is a treatable STD, however the problem is that many don’t treat it. It shows up as a small little bump initially but then can clear up on its own. If it advances to the second phase, it may show up as a rash – but once again, it clears up on its own. The problem is that while it appears to be gone, it actually can hang out in your body for DECADES longer. If it shows up again, even 10-15 years later, it could cause major, major problems.

Read more about syphilis.

Passing Syphilis To Your Kids

Another problem with syphilis is that it can cause stillbirth or other pregnancy complications. If you make it through a healthy pregnancy, it’s possible to pass the disease along to your newborn and cause complications for your baby soon after its born.

Increasing your HIV Risk

CDC says that those with syphilis have a 2-to-5 fold risk of contracting HIV.

Learn more about syphilis from the CDC.

Treating Syphilis

Treating syphilis early is the key to wiping out this STD. It begins as a virus and can be wiped out with an antibiotic. Don’t assume just because it appeared to “clear up” that it’s gone. Get STD tested and treated.

In the Kansas City Area & Afraid you have syphilis?

Get STD tested today.